Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tuesday June 9, 09
Val has been gaining strength and eating a little bit more every day. She says things don't taste gross and that her taste buds are a little less sensitive. It took all her strength to do, but she has walked downstairs these past two days to spend the days in her hospital bed which is in the living room now. She walked slowly back up each night to reach the top of the stairs where dad has placed a chair for her to rest. She remains on 1.5% oxygen, and has had no fever. From the hospital bed, Val can see Fuller when he goes outside, see the TV, and see dad in the kitchen. She is still on the fentanly patch which may be increased from the current 75 to 100 for pain and takes several vicoden with tylenol to keep her pain level at a 4 on a 1-10 scale throughout the day. Dad has been changing the chest tube wound daily and says that it looks a lot better and that Val reports no pain from that location. Her coumadin level remains high, but she doesn't complain of her bloody nose. As a matter of fact , Val is not a complainer at all. If you were at her bedside it would appear that she was resting comfortably with no pain. When actually it is when you ask her to specifically let you know on the 1-10 scale that you realize wow this woman is suffering.

Lea's cousin Bella who is single and 90 years old is not well in Barre. Val made it in the car yesterday and into her house for a 15 minute visit of this special woman. Let's keep Bella in our prayers as she is alone and suffering herself.

May Val continue to gain strength everyday. Love and Prayers always....Salynn

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