Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tuesday Jan 3, 09 Chemo #3 day 4
I spoke to Dad this am. He called to thank me for the care package I had sent to him and Val. I had sent a costco size bag of dried berries as berries are a great antioxidant. Val had some that mornng with cream...delicious. She had showered and was up in the chair looking through two People magazines I had sent her. She had taken a pain pill at 5 this am so I thought this was pretty good considering she wasn't feeling well at all. This phone call was at 9 am so both Val and Dad were planning a cat nap before Rudy and Lea arrived. They always call at 9 am and go up at 2 or 2:30.

(Monday)The trip to Burlington and back for the Nulasta shot to keep up her red blood cell count was uneventful. It sounded like Val sat in the car for several stops with Fuller-man while Dad went into a couple stores, got gas and got the car washed. It was a beautiful day for a ride he said.

Val's birthday is the big 60 on March 17, 09. She will have chemo #5 on March 13. March 17 is four days after chemo when she will be feeling her worst. So perhaps we can have a "CARD PARTY" for her. By sending all her cards to arrive as close to St Patricks day March 17 as possible so she is inundated with birthday wishes.! Given the circumstances, we as a family are not planning a big party.
Love and Prayers to Val Salynn

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