Monday, February 2, 2009

Feb. 2, 09 Day 3 of Chemo #3
I spoke to Dad last night who was actually chatty for a 15 min. conversation. It was dinner time and Val was about to eat a grilled ham and cheese "she knows how important it is to eat to keep the blood levels up". Sunday was a "tough day". Val did get her shower in today. Val took a pain pill about 10 and felt a little better by 1 pm. Val is starting to feel her poison (as I call it) right on time. Day 3-7 is always the worst for Val as far as reaction to chemo I reminded Dad. Val mentioned (speaking through Dad) that her friend Laura called as she does regularly to check in on her with love and prayers. Dad states he has been sleeping better as he states he has less stress lately; admitting he didn't need his sleeping pill for a couple days. He is able to awake a 5 am and go back asleep for a couple of hours. He also mentioned that he injured his low back several weeks ago helping Val and that is still bothering him. He mentioned taking some motrin. I reminded him that he could take mortrin regularly for 5-7 days to really bring down the inflammation and to use the heating pad on his back when he lies down at nite.
Love and prayers to Val Salynn

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