Monday, February 9, 2009

Monday Jan. 9, 09. 9 am
I just spoke to Dad who said Val was starting to turn the corner yesterday on Sunday as far as feeling a little better. Val came downstairs to use the computer! I am shocked as well, but ooooh soooo verrry happy! Their neighbor across the street is a man fighting leukemia and he goes to Boston for treatment. He brought them some soup. She was looking something up regarding best I can understand. Val has taken on the responsibility of giving diamond his thyroid pill again which she pushes down his throat. Dad was having so much fun doing it that he had stopped and Val found out so she is doing it. Hey I think it is great she is taking responsibility again for her animals that means she is feeling better! Her right leg is down to 14 1/2 inches and not bothering her at all. Her pain is the same in her abdomen. The plan for today was a shower for Val, and to have Val go downstairs again today for a short time. Dad said she was very tired and slept alot yesterday afternoon after doing it. I reminded him of how much exercise this was for her and how good it was for her in so many ways. WOW!!! Love and prayers to Val. Salynn

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From Cindy Catto

Val was waiting at the table downstairs when I arrived this morning, Tuesday. She walked to the bathroom by herself and then we spent 2 hours working on valentines and chatty about anything and everything. A good time was had by all.