Saturday, February 7, 2009

Saturday, Feb. 7, 09 Eight days past chemo #3
Val has had improving days now that the first week is over. She was up and showered today. Rudy and Lea were just leaving as I spoke to Dad at 4:15 pm. Dad was cutting up some roasted chicken and vegetables for dinner while fighting a headache.

Val was visited by Cindy Catto on Thursday in the morning while DAd went to the store for an hour. Friday Val was visited by Mary Lou who also came in the morning. Sunday, tomorrow, Jason and his wife may bring the baby up as Val loves to see their baby and touch his feet. Monday Cindy Catto is suppose to come back and maybe do the Valentines with Val. Wow that is the busiest she has been since this cancer fight began 3 solid months ago. I am happy for Val that she is up to seeing some of her friends again.

Dad said he ran into someone at the grocery store who's wife has been fighting ovarian cancer for 6 years. She also sees the same doctor as Val. Dad said that he and Val were learning that the woman at chemo therapy with them have had cancer and then it had come back. These same people had had multiple surgeries as well. I explained to Dad that from what I have read, ovarian cancer has a high recurrence rate, and that the remission time is very short. Some places, even do maintenance chemo to keep the remission time longer. I was very happy to even have this conversation with him. He ended by saying "I don't know if the fight is worth it"...I said that is certainly up to Val. She has to want to fight and to live through it..... It is hard on the care taker seeing your beloved everyday sick and struggling physically, emotionally and psychologically.

Dad was reading a small hand written notes of scriptures, bible verses, and inspirational notes which Val had received in the hospital. I know it came from either Nancy, Jane, Laura or Fran.
Since Dad and I couldn't remember gave it to Val maybe someone can comment and remind us. Thanks. Love and prayers to Val Salynn

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