Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thursday Feb 26, 09 Six days past chemo# 4
It was a day from Hell...was how Dad described Val's day on Wednesday. It started with an enema and metamucil with no results from the bowels. The MD and Tony the chemo nurse thought immediately that Val might have a bowel blockage this time. It took all of Val's strength to go to CVH in Berlin for an X-Ray which resulted with no blockage---that was good news. This whole day though the abdominal cramps were tremendous. UGH... At about 8pm the bowels started to move and diarrhea and vomiting continued until 11pm..

This morning on Thursday she ate and drank a little as now Tony is concerned she may be dehydrated. Val was able to shower and get into clean PJ and a clean bed to rest before lunch.
Dad was able to go the grocery store this morning. Now val feels comfortable enough for him to leave her to do errands. The worst week is almost over pray for Val's strength.
Love and Prayers to Val..... Salynn

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