Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Feb. 18th

I spoke with Dad again this evening and Val has been continuing to have good days. Val was able to stop using the oxygen on Friday and still is off of the oxygen. Dad takes her oxygen level in the blood several times a day and it stays relatively stable around 90 or 91 each time. Val has been able to make it downstairs for each meal and was feeling well enough this past weekend to make it outside and take a trip to Brenda Bailey's to visit the puppy's that she has. Of course Val loved this. The nurse was at the house today and took blood. The results will be discussed during friday's doctor visit and chemo treatment. Today was a fair day as Val did vomit this morning but she felt it was just because of her brushing her teeth. Val still was downstairs for meals and seemed ok this afternoon. Dad and Val are getting prepared for the treatment on friday and we are all praying that it goes well and the side effects are not too severe.
Love and Prayers for Val!!!

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Fran said...

I spoke with Val this morning and she sounded very strong. She was a bit nauseous and achy but we had a nice conversation and she sounded like herself. Of course she is not looking forward to tomorrow but after that treatment she will be halfway through! She was happy about the possibility of receiving the usual Monday after treatment shot in Barre. I hope that works out.
Best to all- Fran