Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday Feb. 22, 09 two days past chemo #4
Val was up and took a shower this am. She ate a little breakfast, but wanted to go back into her clean sheets and clean pajamas to rest. She is feeling the chemo effects, and doesn't feel the flu almost..she says her abdomen pain increases. When I spoke to Dad I told him to go rest with her. They are having a snow storm in VT and may get 8-12 inches in central VT. Dad and Val are both happy they can just relax and not worry about going to get the neulasta shot on Monday. The shot is coming to them at the pharmacy and the home health nurse will give it to Val in the back of her upper arm on Wednesday.

I learned on Friday that the chemo treatments 1-4 Val has received has been at 20% less of the normal 100% dose. This was because of her weakened state after surgery. Her MD said she is ready to have a full 100% at the 5, 6, 7,and 8 treatments. I asked if he ever did a 15% less, then 10% less then 5% less? He said yes, but she will handle 100% just fine. I was glad to hear his optimism.

Love and prayers to Val Salynn

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