Saturday, December 27, 2008

Joe and I just arrived in Vt from NJ. I called Dad and Val to let them know our drive was safe. It is day 8 after chemo #1. Dad reported that Val had no vomiting or diarrhea today. Her fever has continued at 99 to 100 for the last three days. The MD says if it gets to 100.5 then she may need antibiotics. For now, she is not on them. Apparently, the fever is from the growth factor shot she was given on the monday after chemo. The growth factor shot keeps the white and red blood cell as well as her platelet counts up. For the past three days she has tolerated the powder mixed antidiarrhea medicine(I don't rmember the name) that she feels has been the most beneficial. It is an effort for her to drink it though. She showered and had to use the oxygen in the shower with her shower chair. It took at lot out of her, but she did it. The report of food intake was amazing! Given she hasn't eaten in 8 days since her first chemo on Friday Dec. , 08. She ate almost 8 oz of turkey vegetable soup frozen from thanksgiving. She ate 8 crackers with smoked salmon on top. I was giving hip hip hoorays for both of them in the great day of eating!! Strength will come back with nutrition and hydration. For the first time she spoke to me through Dad ( I heard her weak voice next to Dad) today. So for anyone with hurt feelings that she won't talk to you, don't take it personally. She hasn't spoken to me since the Saturday after chemo. Everyone should be happy for the progress today. Love and prayers to Val Salynn

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