Sunday, December 28, 2008

Dec. 28,08. I visited dad and Val for almost 2 hours. I arrived with new lighter Popsicles, a new potato and leek soup and some Christmas presents. Val had been sitting up in the chair in her bedroom since 10 am by the time I arrived at 12. She looked weak, but good. I encouraged her to drink 2 oz of the energy juice Alison had sent even though she said it tasted awful ( it was pure beet, carrot, celery and zucchini juice from Ali's juicer). I asked why she wasn't sleeping was she having bad dreams or worries? She said no and she didn't know why. She is in no pain, yet has residual leg and arm aches from the shot on Monday. She ate the most today with the salmon again and more soup. She doesn't want to drink alot, but I told her it was her job to eat and drink as much as she can in the next 14 days before chemo starts again. Eat every two hours. Drink the Ensure drink even though it doesn't taste as good as the yogurt. She asked about how to roll and sleep on her stomach so we talked about the pillows and positions. She said she would continue to let Baine and John drive her to and from visits. She will let Denise accompany her to the nutritionist Dr. Kaplan in Montpelier to be a third set of ears. We will cancel the MD in Burlington as Val prefers the Montpelier location. I tried to explain how this MD would help her get the best nutrition in between her chemo treatments. Dad's only fear is that this MD would send them home with all these pills extra things to eat and drink. Val is not being that good of a patient for Dad as it is so he can't imagine trying to get more into her. I verbally said maybe she would do it if the MD told her to do it. "She will do it for you Salynn but not for me". So she is not as good a patient for dad as she is for me. Her temperature is down to normal. She is stopping the gallbladder powder for the diarrhea since she hadn't had a BM in 3 days; now she thinks she is constipated. Dad and Val both thought the blog was a great idea since she just doesn't feel like talking to anyone yet. She gave me her address book to add some more friends. She has three caps for when she looses her hair which Cindy Cato knitted...all beautiful. We measured her head to get one of the wrap scarfs. She doesn't know what she wants to wear on her head when she looses her hair. All in all , Dad looked better than I thought he would and Val agreed he was doing well. He apparently takes a hit of Pepsi for a caffiene boost during the day which is new for him...join the club dad. Rudy and Lea continue to visit Val every day for 2-3 hours every afternoon. This frees Dad to go run errands if he wants to. All was good on windy wood road today. Love and prayers to Val. Salynn


Ryan said...

Dec. 29
I spoke to Dad on the phone this morning. Val ate some soup for dinner last night but Val said it just sat there and did not digest well. Val slept so, so, last night. She had some Cherrios for breakfast and Dad got her up and showered. She still needs the oxygen while showering and at all times. Val feels week and exhausted. Dad got her dressed and Val went back to sleep as she was feeling really tired. Val has no fever again today so that is good news. Dad spoke to the Doctor today since Val is not taking 2 of the medicines anymore as they wanted to make sure that is ok. These are the ones Salynn mentioned yesterday, the anti-diarrhea and the nausha. Dad also asked for a sleeping pill for the nights as Val does not sleep well during the night.
Love and Prayers for Val.

Anonymous said...

Hi to all, as I read your daily updates I am very sad to see what you all are going through. I can only imagine the pain of it all, for Val especially but also for the family for having to liveit as well. However I also see a remarkable set of cousins that I have seen grow into amazing adults through the years. You all should be so proud of what you are doing to help your dad and val...

I look back often of our experience 5 years ago almost to the day and I try to focus on the positive. Each time I do that Jay, Val, Baine, Ryan, Allison and Salynn all come to mind first. The things you all did for us were amazing. Uncle Jay, Baine, and Ryan you all stayed by dad's side no matter where he went...that was one of the most heart warming things I have ever seen. Val, Allison and Salynn, you always thought of our dinner first instead of your own. When I read these blogs I see that your amazing family is doing it again.

I only wish I could be there to give back in some way. I love you all very much and pray for uncle Jay and Val each night before I sleep. I am proud to be part of your family.

I wish I could take all the pain away from each and everyone of you.

xxoo - Krista