Saturday, December 27, 2008

How's Val?

In an attempt to defray the numerous phone calls to Val and allow her the rest she desperately needs we started this blog to inform you of her progress. We plan on updating this as often as possible. Please feel free to check here often and add your well wishes, questions and comments.


Anonymous said...

Val, our prayers are with you and we wish you a quick & speedy recovery. Lot's of love, Alison, John & Reed.

Cindy Catto said...


Now that you have your own blog I know you are becoming a real techie. I will be following your progress from sunny Florida. Just think of me on the beach knitting wild and crazy caps for your bad hair days. I'll call with as much good gossip as I hear. Love to all

debbyw said...

Val, I am sitting here in the middle of a snowstorm thinking of you. We are babysitting Dan's kitten who is a holy terror. Hope that you can gradually get your strength back. Will send you some books to read once you are feeling up to it. Wish I was closer so I could give you a big hug. Debby W

mary s. said...


I have been sending so much positive energy your way, for you and Jay are constantly in my thoughts and prayers. You have such wonderful support through this,--through both actions and thoughts ...that each " ever-so-small" gain, will soon circle into major steps toward recovery.

This blog is such a wonderful, non-intrusive way of following your improvement. Thank you for the time spent on the updates.

Love Mary