Wednesday, December 31, 2008

DEC.31, 08
While I was with Rudy yesterday Alison spent the 4 hours with Dad and Val. She adjusted the ringers on the phones to a lower tone and showed them each how to turn the ringers off. To all who would like to call the house Dad and Val have requested that you call BEFORE 6pm. Val is on a new schedule for all those who are in disbelief....yes she is tucked in bed at 6 pm with Dad and is asleep by more David Letterman and the late night shows for Val right now! Thanks for your understanding. Val is up at 7 am which I can't believe either.

All Val's clothes were organized and put in bins. The bedroom floor has been cleared and now we can move her chair closer to the window. She has been upstairs in house since Thursday do last week. Our goal is to get her to do the stairs on New Years day to go downstairs for a while. At 5 before we left, I made Val take a walk with me down the hallway and back. Her main complaints are upper back and shoulder pains and general fatigue. Her legs were not mentioned. I keep telling her she has to push herself. She can do this. Now I have Rudy and Lea telling her to do what Salynn has asked you to do.

Val's laxative is working so all good in that dept. He has no fever still. She developed these tow weird small pimple looking sores which are very painful and pus filled. If anyone knows what this is please blog us. She will ask the nurse. She is eating great not back to normal, but definitely more every day. She is developing a cough which Dad feels is a sign that the fluid on her lungs is worse....we have no medical confirmation of this until the MD or nurse listen to her lungs. Sadly, Dad of course is saying this from what he remembers from mom 30 years ago.
Love and prayers to Val Salynn

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