Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Dad called to say val is up in the chair and he forced her to walk to the bathroom to brush her teeth. She is very weak and needed to sit down to brush. She tried to walk to the upstairs hallway yesterday and dad said she collapsed in his ams. Understandibley, he was very upset about her inability to walk and her weakness. Today he has her on a two hour schedule of eating. She will continue to take her laxative as constipation is the #1 complaint of chemo. She ate scrambled eggs with cheese and tomatoe for breakfast. Today is Rudy's MD appointment with the cardio which he has allowed me to accompany him to. After, our plan is to go the medical store to purchase some safety equip for his home if he is open to it. Val continues to be on 2% oxygen all the time. Dad has a new pulse - oxygen machine which he is abel to monitor Val. Her pulse goes up to 125 with just the walk to the bathroom. I tried to expain to Dad that this was just showing how deconditioned she really is; bedrest will cause her to really get weak. 125 is not anything dangerous. It is upsetting for him for sure though. So now her main problems are: malnurishment, dehydration, deconditoning. Love and prayers to Val Salynn

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