Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Rudy's appointment was very encouraging with the cardiologist. He is having a drop in blood pressure form 145/85 to 80/40 when he stands up. So the MD is changing his medications to allow his blood pressure to come up. He allowed me to shop with him and Lea for the shower chair which we bought. He is also open to having grab handles put up throughout his house and one grab bar in the shower. Rudy didn't feel good this day and was very tired. Who wouldn't be with such low blood pressure. Val and I were the only ones to remember him having this problem a few years ago. As he ages the medications he is on may change effectiveness on his body. So now he will wait two weeks and go back to the MD to check if the blood pressure has come up. Decreasing his lasix and stopping the vasotec. He will take it safe for the next two weeks. Baine may go down put the shower chair together with Denise. We are all less scared Rudy will fall and break a bone as John and Joe will install the grab handles on Thursday am.
Love to Rudy and prayers for his safety. Salynn

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