Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday 10/16/09

Also I wanted to add to the arrangements Salynn had outlined below that following the mass there will also be a gathering to celebrate Valerie’s life ,held at the Knights of Columbus Hall.

Love and Prayers for Val


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Anonymous said...

Dear Jay, Rudy, Lea and family,
I am so sorry to lose such a kind and caring friend. Val will be sorely missed by so many people. I wish that I could take time off on Monday to share in the celebration of her life with you. Unfortunately, I have so many meetings on Monday, that I just have to be at school. I do want to share some of my memories of Val though, I only wish I could do it personally.
1. Thank you Val and Jay for taking care of Dee-o-gee so many times when I had to go to Plattsburgh to care for my Mom. I knew he was in great hands and I did not have to worry. Fuller, thank you too, for keeping him company and sharing your home.
2. I will really miss going to the pond with Val and the dogs. We had great conversations and the dogs played until they were exhausted.
3. Dee-o-gee always knew when Val and Fuller were driving down Foss St. in the car. Even when he was inside the house! He still tries to follow Lea and Rudy's car when they pass by and we are outside.
4. Val's comments about Fullerman could also make me smile and laugh.The best one was when she said his poop smelled like roses. No one could love a dog anymore than her.
5. All the hockey games we went to at Norwich. Her comments about the NEC player who was VERY ROUGH, "He isn't playing nice, what would his mother think?" I will remember that always and smile and I promise to say Hi to her, when I pass by Section 4, where we sat.

These are just some of the many memories I have of your wife, daughter, step mother, aunt, etc. She is smiling down from heaven at us, with all the dogs who went to heaven.

My sympathies to all of you. Trudy