Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thursday September 24, 09
Well, for all those who were worried like myself, Val did make it up to her room on Tuesday to sleep in her own bed. She had actually forgotten at 9 pm that she had even said she didn't want to sleep upstairs that night. Thrilled, Dad escorted her upstairs. She was very tired and takes one step at a time. I did try to encourage Dad that if she ever collapses on the stairs to turn her around on her butt and bump her back problem. It is not that easy, but the stress of thinking of what to do if it ever happens will be less.

It has been the Indian summer weather days in VT. Val sleeps most of the days in her hospital bed. She is too cold to open the windows, and has no desire to go sit outside and feel the warm sun on her face. Dad will mention it to her, but lately when she asks if she has to go anywhere today, and the answer is no, she is glad about it. She almost had the energy to call her friend Nancy today like she told Dad she was going to do, but it is the thought that counts. A big thank you to Dad's niece Sabrina who is an occupational therapist assistant who mailed Val a giant care package of well thought out gifts... Dad keeps saying he wished he could thank her. I told him I would do so on the blog.

Val continues to eat very little, feels full quickly and burps a lot. She gets afraid she will vomit so sometimes she stops eating just for that reason alone. She ate a few spoons of broccoli and cheese soup for breakfast, a few bites of a reuben for lunch and a few bites of french fries and broccoli and fish sticks for dinner.

Friday is a busy day. Kate the hospice nurse will come at 9 am. Dad has plans for shopping. Mary the VNA nurse comes at 10. Val wants a flu shot like she has gotten in the past. Dad hopes she is able to get one for her HOPE sake. Not being able to get one will only be one more thing she is too sick to do. The head person of hospice comes at 1:30 for Val to sign papers and learn about all they have to offer.

The Keene Medical supply who delivers the oxygen has Val set up on a new condenser. Val is now on 4% oxygen. Dad also has an oxygen machine that will fill up the portable tanks.
Dad thinks the maximum oxygen levels will be 5 or 6 % . Mary the VNA nurse has brought a wedge for the hospital bed which elevates Val upper torso. This has helped Val's breathing while lying in her hospital bed downstairs.
Love and Prayers to Val always...Salynn

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Decent Steve said...

Val did call me today; not once but twice. It was great gabbing out nothing and everything as we always do. I ended by saying I love you and she did the same. It was so good to talk. You are all doing such a great job for her and Jay. I am so proud of you.

Nancy B