Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday Sept. 27, 09
Val has had a few better days beginning on Friday, Saturday and now Sunday. That is good as both Dad and I were quite frightened that last week was the beginning of the end. We feared that she wouldn't experience any form of a "good" day. Well we were wrong . The chemo must have cleared from her system to allow her more periods of alertness and a little more appetite.

Val was able to be very clear in mind when the hospice person came on Friday. Val understood by signing she allowed more help for Dad and more care for herself with more being paid for by the insurance company. The way Dad understands it, he may be allowed 60-80 hours of help in many forms. He will slowly get used to the help by adding it on the days that the VNA nurse Mary is not there (she comes Monday and Friday). Then Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday he could get someone to help clean, cook, sit with Val while he went out and help to bath her when it comes to that. Val understood that this just meant that she gets more care, it was explained that it didn't take away her option to have another chemo if she was ever strong enough. No one wants her to become depressed from the words of hearing hospice, and so far she is OK.

Val was strong enough on Saturday to finally make that phone call to her friend Nancy. She even had a short visit from her friend Laura who is a nun and was the matron of honor at Val and Dad's wedding. By the evening, she was shot and wouldn't admit that just those small things exhaust her.

Val was able to take a shower this morning. She unfortunately had a coughing spell that caused her to vomit all over herself. What better place than the shower as she was washed twice as good today. Dad vows to not have her eat before the shower next time. The whole event though took a lot out of her, and she rested upstairs until 2pm today. Lea did not come for the visit as she has a fever and doesn't feel well. Rudy came by himself. When Rudy and Lea come ,Dad now lies down upstairs during their visit to give them private time with their only daughter.

Dad loves Sundays as it is a day of rest for him. No nurses or visitors coming, no errands to run, and no shopping to do. He allows himself to go back to bed around 9:30 ish and finds that he sleeps deeply for about an hour during this early cat nap. The light rain helped with the rest today I am sure.

Val's fluid on and in the lungs is causing the coughing. Dad observes that it is mostly activity or position changes that causes her to cough. That is what happened in the shower. She is still OK to lay flat in the bed upstairs without too much breathing difficulty with her 4% oxygen.

Love and prayers to Val always.....Salynn


Denise said...

Salynn: You have been so faithful in keeping everyone informed of Val's condition. Please know that she is in my prayers along with your Dad. xoAuntD

Fran said...

I wish I could say something comforting or profound but words fail.
I hate to ask you but I cant help it - please, if you have time and she is clear tell her her cousins, Fran, Lloyd, Lisa, Elsie, Enrique (Zoe and Chance,the dog and cat) are with her always.
Love to you and dad as well of course.